Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Baby Finches grow!

I'm having trouble telling who is who in the nest these days. There is Nemo (like in the nemotoads on Sponge Bob "HUNGRYHUNGRYHUNGRY", Herculies, Ceclie, Bunsen Honeydew and of course Beaker. They are LOUD little birds! In about a month or so we'll be moving them into a new home and letting Cinammon choose a boyfriend. Right now she's pretty lonely as Skittle (the oldest bird) only wants to eat and sleep. Posted by Hello

Newcomers to the Nest

These are the two newest members of our bird family. Cinammon is on the left (she's the lady) and Skittle is the Grandfather bird on the right. Posted by Hello

Studio Tour

This year I participated in Sudbury's Studio Tour with members of SCARF I had a really nice time, but I did not get as many visitors to my studio as some members in central Sudbury did. (I'm on the East side).

The folks that did come by were generally wonderful and I had a lot of interesting discussions. I think I'll do it again next year but I might share a studio just for the day for more traffic. Posted by Hello