Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snow Blues and Sudbury Celtic Fair

I'm giggling away here... there is still snow outside our studio windows and it's very cold out! Winter just does not seem to walk to go away this year.

Often as I'm working away making treasures, I'm thinking of far away places that I could dig my toes into the sand and have someone tanned and smiling bringing cold Margarita's and snacks.. aaahhhh.... (WAKE UP VIKKI!).. :-)

It's been a long few months of unpacking, reorganizing and getting things in our business running back up to speed again. I know, how dullllll and borrring to be reading that we've not gone on any rock hunting trips or did anything really cool this winter.

Rob DID just get back from a 12 hour drive from Thunder Bay 2 nights ago and he's got some photos loaded up on his camera from our Agate searching bay.. I think I'll load them up this weekend and post a few (He did mention that there is still far too much ice and snow to get to the water).

This weekend we've got our local Celtic Fair going on at the Navy Hall in Sudbury. If you're from the area? Drop in and check them out (It's on Regent Street near outdoor skating rink at the top of the hill). We're not going to be bringing any of our goodies this year as most of our displays are still in limbo after our move. But we'll be there helping out.

Well, my coffee cup is empty and I've got a day of paperwork in front of me (WHO HO! LOL!).. (not whohooo - but someone has to shuffle those papers around the desk and make it all look good. :-).

Note from later on.

Augh.. we didn't end up setting up our goodies at this years Celtic Fair. Both Rob and I were pretty distraught to find our displays had been damaged during the winter and spring months in the back of the shed. But on the flip side of things (since I love to look at the glass more than half full).. we're planning out new and better displays! Yippee!! I've had some ideas in my head for a while - all I have to do is chain Rob down to a workspace and take the rake and shovel out of his hands for a few weeks and they might get done on time for Haweater! :-)

I'd like to also take a minute and thank everyone who dropped into this years Celtic Fair. Rob and I volunteered (instead of vending) and simply had a fabulous time with all the great musical talents and of course, all the wonderful people who were there. Another fantastic event! Don't miss next years.. it's REALLY worth while to check it out.