Thursday, November 17, 2005

Winter has come to Renaissance Market

It's that time of year again.. as you can see by the snow near the pond? It's gotten cold at this end of the world once again.

That means it's SHOWTIME for all of us here! Here's a list of where we'll be these upcoming weeks:

November 19 (Saturday)
Falconbridge Community Center Craft Show
10 - 5 pm

November 26 (Saturday)
Sticks and Stones Craft Show
Carmichael Community Center located at 1388 Bellevue near the Plaza Hotel
10 - 4 pm

December 3 and 4 (Saturday and Sunday)
Pius School at the corner of Third Avenue and Bancroft in Minnow Lake (Sudbury)
10 - 6pm each day

See you there!

Mistletoe Craft Show In Sudbury Ontario

I wanted to spend a few minutes of my morning saying "thank you" to all the great folks we met at this years Mistletoe Craft show (held at St. Charles College) in Sudbury this year!

We had a SUPER time and enjoyed every minute!

The volunteer students were wonderful and we loved having the help to get our gear in and out of the building. Thanks!

We met some wonderful people and passed along some wisdom.

Thanks everyone!

Vikki and Family
See you next year!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Manitoulin Island Camping - Haweater Weekend

I was asked to post some information for those who would like to know about camp grounds on Manitoulin Island during Haweater Weekend.

Here is some information:

The best played I EVER stayed on Manitoulin Island was here but be warned - they book FAST and quick - Providence Bay Park. phone: 705)377-4650 or toll free 1 877 269-2018. Ici on parle fran├žais. Email: I say this is the best as I had the best time - the folks were very nice and friendly and we always stayed in the same location (on the South tip of the camp grounds near where the road turns left again. It's very rustic and the walk to the bathroom is loooong but well worth it.

Now to the list - and they are all wonderful. DO make note and ask how far a drive when you ask for accomodations - some of these places are a good 45 min away from Little Current.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Art in Bloom - Sudbury Ontario

What a day it was!

This is only part of the display area that we had - located outside in the General Hospital area of Sudbury Ontario. Art in Bloom is a fundraising event for artisans and crafters to help out the Sudbury Mental Health Society - a portion of all profits that the artists make during this one day sale, go directly to SMHS.

We were located at the main entrance of the show - beside a few other very talented and creative artists who worked with jewelry, stained glass, wood and some wonderfully tasty treats. Situated directly in the sun, with no tent, all the stones just shone like diamonds in the sun beams! The wind blew the chimes we had for sale making soft gentle sounds throughout the day.

The promoters of the show were wonderful! Fully staffed to host a tea for the guests who came to the show, we were treated with generosity and kindness. Volunteers for this event spent many hours in the hot sun handing out water and food for the vendors. I was impressed by the quality of the food served during the tea and delighted by meeting more of the Sudbury Red Hat Society women.

As for the products available? There was a very good selection of artisans - from pottery, photography, gemstone, beads, glasswork, woodworking, wonderfully yummi treats to eat and more, there was something for everyone at this event.

I cant wait for next year!

Vikki Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Miranda's New Jewelry

I'd like to welcome you to visit Miranda's Jewelry Page. Just click on the link and you'll be transported right there.

All profits from this page to towards her. (she does a lot of work in the studio and is a wonderful help) This page is a surprise for her :-)

Art Outside

We got a little creative on the sidewalk recently and added some pretty pictures.


Spring brought about many changes - one them a family of Mallards living in the back yard. They have been quite demanding looking for breakfast, lunch AND supper every single day. :-)

It's been pretty interesting tho... it brings a whole new meaning to the word "DUCK!" in our yard.... The Mallards use our yard as a main flight path and SWOOP down over the peak of the house and down towards the creek. It's one thing to have a sparrow fly right over your head, quite another to have an extremly fast duck wizz past you while working in the yard. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 14, 2005

Wholesale Catalogue now available

If you would like to have our stone jewelry in your store, please send us an email.
Please include your full mailing address and contact information

You could also call 705 566-8729 and we'll be happy to drop Posted by Hello