Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blah! Blown up Rock Tumbler


I just checked one of our rock tumblers in the shop out back... arg arg arg... we've got an old Thumblers Tumbler that we usually use for tumbling rough rocks (when the other tumblers are full).. yesterday I noticed that it was leaking a bit from the sides where the rubber ring sits.. which at that point was nothing new.

But this morning?

The lid has this HUGE hold in the center with the edges torn open. Almost as if something blew up inside the tumbler barrel itself and left a huge 1 inch gap in the center of the lid. It's odd because there is nothing that this part of the tumbler touches.

Arg.. inside this tumbler was a wonderful batch of white Quartz (from our area - Nepewassi Lake). So it's going to be sitting and waiting for some time until the other tumblers are free.

On the good side of things? It looks as if my rain barrels are going to get filled as its starting to cloud over. Our gardens will like that.


jazzolog said...

Here I come to save the day! Well no, this mighty mouse can do little for an exploded tumbler...but I can follow this wickedly, pretty blog. These are wonderful people who live many miles north of me, and I always love to fly in to see what's up. I think there may be some nice items I need to purchase too!

Vikki said...

Hey stranger! It's wonderful to get back in touch with you again :-)