Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Winnie The Pooh Day! Winnie Wednesday

Winnie Runs With Scissors..

No ones ankles are safe!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday - Celtic Me

Self Portrait Day!!

Sometimes we get crazy around here with our Tattoo pens (these are only temporary ink pens).

We all had fun playing and came up with some really interesting Celtic Knots (hand drawn), Ivy Vines and more.

Here's my portrait for today.. :-)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Rock tumbler Monday Morning


After only a few tumbles in our new tumbler we've encountered our first leak! This morning I had the great joy of opening the tumbler (after the fine grit polish and two weeks of "GURGLE-CLACK-GURGLE-CLACK" in the backroom) to find the most lovely stones. Some of these treasures we picked from beaches up here in the North - others were gifts from friends. (This is a special tumble we are doing).

After putting in the pre-polish and re-sealing the tumbler I found our first leak! I played with the O-ring and got the lid to sit a bit better but I'm going to have to check the machine often to make sure we dont have overflow on the floor.

It was a bit of a shock to see a leak so soon...

I'll post some pictures of the goodies once they are done this pre-polish (about 2 weeks from now).

I'm heading off to update our Metaphysical Blog and then create some Magnetic Hematite bracelets for our upcoming show in March.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Winnie The Pooh Day! Winnie Wednesday

I've decided to start a new trend.. WINNIE WENDESDAY

Every Wednesday I'll post a picture of the Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. This particular Winnie has been with me since 1965. If you know anything about this particular bear, please do let me know as I dont know much about it..

but with no further wait, here is your first picture of Winnie The Pooh.. Winnie got adventurous today and decided to try climbing a tree to chase the cat. Ah well, I had to rescue him in the end...

Stay tuned next week for your next Wednesday Winnie Event :-)

Self Portrait Tuesday - The College Artist

I've decided to take part in the Self Portrait Tuesday revolution!

With so many Blogs and websites dedicated to this subject, I figured it might be kind of neat to give it a whirl.

This is my first photo - an older picture of me goofing off with my camera.

This is the "Artsie" look, back in my College days - yes I majored in Visual Arts :-)

A Moment in my Thoughts - Snow and Tight Pants

Snow snow snow..

This is the view out our front window (right where I work on this computer).... Now, don't get me wrong, I love the snow, but I miss going outside in the yard. I MISS mowing the lawn..

Lately I've been feeling kind of frumpy and soft around the edges due to the fact that I've not exercising nearly as much as I normally do in the warmer months. Blah.. I should get outside more but I really dont like the cold..

So the plan is, to try and get out of the studio once a day and go for a walk (at LEAST around block or down to the end of the street and back).

Honestly, it's much nicer just to sit in the den and wrap gemstones instead of going outside and freezing..

Okay excuses excuses.. I'll TRY and get out today.

Chakra Stones

We have a new product coming soon to our site!

Chakra Stones!
There are 7 hand picked polished Gemstones included in this soft cloth bag - there is also a tag that describes each of the stones that are included.

The back of the tag talks a bit about the way you use the Charka stones. Keep your eye on the site! We'll be posting this item mid March of 2006.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Speaking of Cats

Speaking of Cats..

I cant tell you how difficult it is to type with Miss Jones always wanting to come and sit with me.

Yes, that's my keyboard and that's a 13 pound cat on my left arm.

Miss Granger Looks on

Ahh... there she is.. Miss Granger..

Looking on as I wrap some Brazilian Agates. At least she does not knock things over like her big sister (Miss Jones)..

The fish tank is just to her right so she loves to sit on my table while the fish torment her.

Four Legged Help

Ah the life with four legged friends..

This is me, working in the fishputer room (That's our nick name for the front of the house where the computers are and the fish tank - we hang out here often).

Next to me? Is our darling young feline (Miss Granger) who has decided to inspect my wire wrap to make sure that I'm doing a good job.

Purple Dinner?


Look what we found in the grocery store and had for supper?

Purple potatoes!

They were very different with a soft nutty taste.. Apparently not that common. A very interesting find and we'll definitely try those again. Imagine the look on faces at Yule Dinner when these are brought to the table?

Green Man just about done

Okay this is where I'm at right now.. There is still quite a bit to be done around the mid section of the paddle (more leaves) but I've not been back to it for about a week now. Just in case you are wondering? This part? Took me about five hours to complete.
I wonder if anyone will bid on it?

More Greenman

Well here you can see that I've started to add some colour to the paddle. Yes that's all just pencil still... and there are some new leaves going around the sides as well.

Green Man

And the paddle progresses....

Yes that's all pencil and nothing but...

Green Man

Okay now just in case anyone is wondering where the Green Man on our business logo came from? Here is the story.

Our local theatre (Sudbury Theatre Center) has a yearly event where they ask artists in the area to create an "artistic paddle" which is then auctioned off to raise funds.

This year I decided to do a Green Man paddle.

That's me working on the start of the drawing.. I'll post a few more pictures of along the way.

Crazy Snow!

well I just have to share this..

This is one of our clan sitting waiting for the bus yesterday morning.

Yes that IS a mini van on the road (that you see the top of) and yes that is a sign..

No photo manipulation here.. That's just how high the snow banks are..


I think we are going to move somewhere where the sun shines longer and the snow only comes in small doses..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A New year? A new Business!

I know, I know.. I have not posted here in quite a while.. we've been changing our business around and now we are called Wicked Stones!

We are the same old crazy folks doing the thing we love best - working with stones. Check us out by clicking here and keep checking in as we are making a lot of great new changes!

We've created a few new blogs (check them out in the side menu) and our Wholesale section is ready to go!

Well my tea is getting cold so I'll post this and go play!