Monday, January 04, 2010


I went away and forgot to post to my blog for a few months and something crazy happened! Gosh I do apologize to you, our readers.. if you experienced some crazy Tweets on our blog!

It seems that I was getting random Tweets from others instead of from our twitter account and some of the messages were not exactly family friendly. That's not what I want to see on our blog. We want to keep this nice for everyone to read (and not scary!) Yikes!

Anyways, that aside.. it's a new year (2010 now) and we're glad to still be around. This will be our 11th year anniversary this fall! WOW! I'm still smiling knowing it's been over a decade that our business has been going strong. Thanks to EVERYONE who has been along for our journey and to all you new folks who have just joined in on our adventure!

Last year we didn't get a chance to visit a lot of rock hunting places as our time was pretty tight. We bought a new house a while back and we're still in the planning and building stages of what's going to eventually happen with the potential shop out back. Yikes.. it's taking longer than I expected it to! But we did spend a lot of time hunting in our own mini rock pile that was discovered last spring. I've got some pictures I'll be posting of some of the goodies that we pulled out of an old ice hut that came from a local private quarry (many many years ago).

Stay tuned! I plan on being more active this year!