Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A way to stop Ants


I may have written a while back about the ant problem we've been having in our new home. It's been a battle all summer long trying to get them away from the house. A few weeks ago when Rob was taking the concrete tiles from the front of the house (he's building a proper stone walkway) we found this HUGE nest right against the foundation.

Well! After a summer of lemon juice and cucumber peels on my counter (that actually worked by the way) I said ENOUGH and had him spray some serious poison into the nest.

The ants went away for a while (or so it seemed). Yesterday I was outside having an afternoon cup of Java on the front porch... and what did I see? Those pesky ants on my block foundation again! A few months ago it was suggested to me by one of my neighbors, that I try using Chalk. Apparently if you use chalk (just regular old sidewalk chalk), the ants wont cross the line. (I don't use poisons by the way and Rob is not available, so I thought I'd give it another whirl).

I was AMAZED! I ran a chalk line to test and the ants would not cross! Here's a photo just so you can really see it for yourself. The ants just walk around all confused and wont cross the chalk line!

Now they don't stop the ants from "eventually" getting to their nest but they do slow down the process quite a bit. There is no way that I can go all the way around my brick house every day putting hop scotch lines everywhere. There is, of course, the issue of the ants that are in the nest trying to get out.

For the moment, I feel vindicated just slowing the little buggers down.

I thought this might help someone else with an ant problem.


Laura said...

I love this. We have been getting a few ants in the bathroom. I don't know what attracts them there, no food on the floor as there would be in the kitchen. Today I noticed a flood of them in my bedroom because I had a crumb drop off a cookie I had been eating at the computer. (A reminder why I don't ususally eat outside of the kitchen). Anyway, no problem to use some sidewalk chalk. I already have some for a blackboard we use. Will be fun to chalk up some lines and keep them out.

Vikki said...

Hi Laura!
So did the chalk work? I'm anxious to know..