Monday, September 10, 2007

Need help identifying this rock

Even we get stuck sometimes...

Rob and I have an *idea* of what this might be but we're not sure... I thought I'd post a few pictures and see if anyone has any ideas of what this is.

The rock is gray with a bit of white and these long rectangular green slices that are quite beautiful.

We've sprayed water on the surface so you can see how deep the greens are.

Anyone have any ideas?


Geubrina said...

Hi, there.
The white I think is SiO2, the green maybe indicate Al and if the stone is soapy when touch, it is most probably the serpentinite family. If so, the it has the Mg and Fe content, too.
Sorry for the amateur content.

Cathietats said...

Oh My goddess, I have been trying to figure out a pendant I found that is exactly as you describe. The only thing missing from your description that I have is there are pinkish areas, both layers and circles. Would love to hear if you figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Dave said...

Just wondering if anybody has any knowlege of 'Rocks from Sea?' about 7 years ago when i was a fisherperson our vessel was deep sea trawling around the 'Chatham Rise' situated between 'New Zealand and Chatham Island' where we ended up netting a big blob of white clay, in the process of breaking down the clay we realised that it had an extremly hard centre (dark, almost see through kind of like a milky white colour). I still posses a small sample which still has some of the clay on it which has also hardened, but the sample has also been buffed so i cant realy tell the natural state that it was in unless i crush it. so if anybody knows anything or wants to know more please feel free to get in touch thanks,
And if its any help or someone else can help me we also caught a fossil, part of a bottom jaw (carnivore) in the same place which is yet to be identified also
thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog