Saturday, November 29, 2008

Moved and photographing jewelry

I'm going to actually have to sit down and write here more often! :-)

Well we've finally moved!! It's been a very long summer of finalizing all the house details, packing boxes, living around boxes, moving boxes and then unpacking boxes. (Okay so I'm not fully unpacked yet - but it's coming along.) For the first time EVER, Wicked Stones (aka the crazy people who run the accounting/web work side of the show) FINALLY have their own office space!! Doors can be closed so that the evil cats don't show up to muck about in the paperwork. Now THAT'S a good change!!

On top of everything else, we popped into Henry's Photography Store (they just opened in Sudbury recently) and found a kit with a light tent and photo lamps. Yes, it was expensive but SHOOT! You would not believe how fast that part of the creation process is now! For years it's been a struggle to get good photographs of the jewelry on our site ( but now? It's truly as simple as point, click, and edit the size of the photo. One day I should sit down and write a long posting about the horrors it's been trying to find the correct light bulbs and accessories for taking photographs.. arg... For anyone who is looking for the right tools to take pictures of their product, I'd seriously consider spending the extra money for a real kit from a place like this. I am kicking myself pretty hard in the rear for all the time lost over these past years. Ah well, lesson learned.

And for those of you who I've been talking to about new products on the horizon? The Rock Lab is being organized and we should have it running by mid winter! Finally! A space for all the tumblers and the new Rock Saw to live!! (Okay so we've not purchased the saw yet or the grinders, but those are on our list for things to pick up.) As it's only been a month since we've moved in, we're still moving boxes in and out of the shop outside. Sorry, no sneak previews yet on what's coming...

Well, the snow is coming down and I see myself heading out shortly to shovel our way out of the drive....

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