Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Web Site Overhaul

Hmm.. I thought I would just peek my head out from behind the keyboard to let everyone know that we have "not" fallen into a deep dark hole!

I'm in the middle of changing the entire site around - so if it seems that we've fallen off the planet and not updating the site? Stay tuned.. and expect MAJOR changes in about 3 weeks time. I've been dabbling with new site ideas since last year (2006) and just itching to get to it. But with orders pending and stock growing, it seemed that I would never find the time to do it. So this past week I decided that unless I just threw myself into it and started tearing the website apart? It was NEVER going to be done.

SO I'm slightly overwhelmed right now as everything (on this end) is in turmoil! Not to worry though, from your point of view.. you can still order, send us special requests and so on.. just dont panic if you are not seeing things changing on our main page as much as it usually does.

New things are afoot! And I cant WAIT for you to see what we've created!!!


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