Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wicked Wheels!

Hey! I forgot to mention this...
Wicked Stones is MOBILE once again!!
Yippee!!! Some of you knew that we parked "Maeve" (our old green van) last fall as the back window was broken and the mice decided to make a home out of the entire vehicle..
WELL! Wicked has gone MOBILE once again!! After six months of thinking about it, we got off our butts and bought our new Wicked Mobile... It's a beautiful Grand Caravan!
Now we're looking for an airbrush artist to do his (or her) magic and spruce up Loki (that's the name by the way due to a few personal reasons that I think I'll keep to myself ;-).
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE our new rock mobile! I cant wait for our first adventure west to Algoma (which should be in about a months time just when the ice starts to break off the shore line)..

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