Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Coffee with the Geese - Avian TV

What a lovely morning so far!

This morning I poured my first coffee of the day and went out on the deck to enjoy the sun coming up. (Our deck faces East so we get a very nice morning view). I had gotten quite comfie on the deck box and was watching the Goldfinches (about 2 feet from me) having their seed for breakfast when..


A pair of Canada Geese flew past me (about 15 feet from my shoulder) and splashed into the pond out front! I did manage to hang onto most of my coffee on the Goose-Flyby (if you dont know this, Canada Geese are huge! Imagine a medium sized dog flying past you and that's the size of the birds that dropped in on me).

So I had the opportunity to sit quietly on the deck, watch the sun come up, the birds chirp in the feeders and a pair of geese swimming around in the pond watching "me" have my breakfast. Giggle.. I'm *Avian-tv* it seems.

I wonder if they expect me to dance or something? :-)

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Bobbi C. said...

What a great story, Vikki! Every year or so, we see a huge flock of some kind of honking birds flying in "v" formation, going north, usually in the spring. I've often wondered if they're geese, but didn't think we had that many of them here in TX. either way, it's an awesome sight!

bobbi c.