Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lake Superior Agate Search

Well folks! It's that time of year!!

Yippee! I've made reservations at our favorite camping ground in Montreal River (Ontario - Canada - in case you are wondering where we are). The place is called Twilight Lodge and it's just amazing!! (They have cabins as well as campgrounds there - this year we managed to get the very private cabin near the shore - I can't wait!)

Last year we went up just to look around and figure out where this spring trip was going to take us. We went in August last year (according to fellow rock pickers - the worst time of the year to go hunting!).. We were told that the very best time (for this area) was just after the ice has gone off the lake - or in this case, the shore is free of ice. I've talked with the folks at the lodge and they have told me that the shores are clear of snow and ice.

Just a few weeks ago it was SNOWING along the highways when Rob drove up to Red Lake to teach a training course! SNOW!
This is one of the pictures that he took. It looks like its going to be a cold rock picking weekend!!!

I've got our maps ready, extra clothes packed (warm ones and cool ones - heck, it might be a fabulous weekend with lots of sun - I can hope!) and a huge pile of Rubbermaid boxes to store all our collected goodies in. I don't expect to fill any bins with Agates, I'll be happy to find just a few. (Last year we came home with oodles of stones but only about 4 Agates). Most of these treasures are going to be polished and turned into jewelry or used around our gardens and in the fish tank (they are SOOOO pretty! I should post a few pictures of some of the treasures we found last summer).

Well, according to the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) and folks who live in this area, the places were are going to visit have a LOT more shore line exposed right now. Lake Superior is at a record low (VERY bad for many things, but excellent for us rock hounds) so there will be a lot more shoreline for us to explore.

I'll post some pictures of our adventures next week and let you know how it went.

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