Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wicked Graphics!

This morning was quite interesting!

Rob needed to go into work to get some vinyl stickers (for where he works) put on the truck - as well as a few other work "things"... so I decided to tag along with the van.

As luck would have it? He went to one of the places that I had called asking questions about getting body vinyls done for our new van (with our Wicked Stones information on it). After talking with the folks at 1 hour Sign (in Sudbury) I was simply delighted with the cost and the content that I'd be able to afford to work with!!

SO! At the moment I'm working on sending them some graphics for the back of the van as well as a few other goodies. It's going to be really neat once it's all put together! I can't wait!

So how's my packing coming along for our trip North in a few hours? Well.. I have not started yet (arg)... There is SO much to do that I've kind of gotten lost in all the little jobs to take care of. So after supper we're going to really get things moving and start packing.

I promise to take LOTS of pictures of our rock hunting trip. Most likely I'll have to make up a page on my site as it will be too much for Blogger..

I'm off to make supper!

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