Monday, May 28, 2007

Cloudy Morning Update on Things

Monday has arrived, bringing the much needed clouds and rain. I'm hoping that it pours the entire day as our lawns are very brown and dry. Even the pond out front is down at least a foot from where it usually is.

It's been a busy month, hence me not writing very much here on our Blog. I'm glad to say that sales have picked up wonderfully since we changed the site around. Thanks to everyone who has dropped in to visit and pick out treasures for themselves :-) We really appreciate it.

Our van is done!! I probably mentioned to some of you that we were getting vinyls done on the back and the sides. We found a REALLY great company in town (1 Hour Signs in Sudbury - on Lasalle Blvd) that did a really great job with the pictures that we sent in. I'll take some pictures when the sun comes out and post them here. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Yesterday I picked up 5 more blue Spruce for Rob to plant in the yard - he's yet to see them. Since he's been in and out of town on business, my large gardens have been put on hold and I've started planting veggies on the deck in containers. It's not that bad - I'm just really happy to have the space.

OOO Yes! Yesterday night we had 2 new visitors to our deck!! An Indigo Bunting came to sit on the feeder AND a purple finch! They have the most incredible colours!! I've taken a few pictures but their locked up in my camera at the moment.

Finally, all the rock bins in the back are stocked up, the wire is here and my creative energy has returned! You'll be seeing a lot more treasures in the next week or so popping up on the site. With that in mind? I'm off to create!

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