Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Family Member - Miss Acorn

Gosh, I had no idea so much time had gone by since my last real posting here on our blog...

It's been an interesting life over the past months! We've adopted a new family member to our crew. A long story short, we found this little angel at a yard sale late last fall. This is a picture of our new kitten (Acorn) and our wonderful Dog Treble.

Acorn was only a few weeks old when we adopted her and much to our surprise, she became immediately attached to Treble (the dog in the photo). I was even more stunned when Treble became "mom" to our little kitten and started nursing her. It certainly was a shock to everyone in the family but after some phone calls and research, we discovered that it was perfectly natural and actually wonderful that these 2 pets connected to each other in such a beautiful way.

We've since discovered that Acorn is a Maine Coon and destined to become QUITE the cat!! I've read that they can grow up to a metre in length and weigh a LOT! At only 6 months old, she's already larger than our oldest cat. It's been a pleasure getting to know her as she's a tremendous friend to me. She plays fetch with me all afternoon while I create jewelry - which is quite handy as she's not actually in my rock bins helping me choose the right stones!!

Speaking of cats, I've just been informed that lunch needs to be served.

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Star Child said...

hey to everyone! i live in north bay and was excited to find out about you guys through my boyfriend, i am a avid stone collector and have acquired a few great pieces on my own and have been looking for a place that some things that i am looking for. so thank you, your piece look wonderful and i am looking forward to seeing things in person!

Tammie Ross
aka Starchild