Thursday, March 09, 2006

Craft Show Ideas 101

I thought I would start a new section of our Blog - Craft Show Ideas 101!

An avenue for artisans and crafters to read about things that have worked for us in the past and perhaps to pass along ideas for anyone just starting out in the business. Feel free along the way to post your own comments and ideas - sharing is what it's all about.

Thing that DON'T WORK or better known as CRAFT SHOW FLOPS

Forgetting your hat for an outdoor show (or better known as "Oh I feel sick!")

Okay so this sounds simple, but really? It all boils down to creating a list and really sticking to it.
I'm an organization freak so I like to keep things all neat and tidy in their little lines. But there are times I totally mess up and forget where things are. MAKE A LIST and keep it in a book you travel to for every show. When you forget lists? Things go terribly wrong...

I did a show last Christmas and completely forgot my push pins - TERRIBLE! I had to rush out just before the show and try and find a corner store that sold them (at $5 a box!? I was gasping!).. not only that, I was setting up alone so there was no one to continue the process WHILE I had to rush off getting push pins. This book should be your bible and you should NEVER forget it.

Look around for something that can hold your cheque book, pen, extra papers and business cards as well - often one of those daytimers that zip closed work really great for this sort of thing. That way you ALWAYS have back up business cards and information when needed.

2. "Don't worry, the tent is tied down!"

WAIT! STOP! If you are doing an outdoor craft show? And only have your tent pegs tied down? WAIT!! GO NO FURTHER? Get something heavy before your tent flies away on you. Simply pegging it down does not always do the job.

How do I know this? I've had tents lift off the ground and take off on me.. Over FENCES and across yards. Now I travel with cement blocks AND many many ropes to anchor down to anything solid I can find. Now when I do outdoor shows I ask if there is a tree near by - natural anchors work great for us.

And your last one for today:

. "Pssha! We can get change the night before at the corner store!" (better known as WHO CAN DRIVE FASTER!)

I got tied up before one show and could not make it to the bank before closing to pick up change for a weekend show.
Don't wait until the last minute to get your change! We had to drive around to about 6 stores one night before a show and break 20 dollar bills buying gum and such so that we had enough change to cover the float.

Join us once again soon for more of "Craft Show Ideas 101"

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