Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mystery of the Stone "solved".

We've been having a bit of a discussion over the past months about this stone (you can see the photo over to the left).

It's been a bit of a mystery as no-one could give us the exact "name" that this particular stone was called. A few days ago we started our tumblers again and a batch of this pretty earth toned goodies were put inside - and in just those few days? They were done their first grit run! We were STUNNED!! Which lead us to start searching more on what type of stone this was as it was obviously too soft compared to what we had read. First? We thought perhaps this was Sardonyx due to its banding but it's been an argument as there is just not enough black in the colours.

Onyx came to mind, but traditionally the colour of Onyx is black.. I was hunting around the internet tonight looking at Mexican Onyx and found out what this is!!

It's called Travertine - and gosh does it look fabulous when it's tumbled!!

In a month or so we'll have some of these unique pieces up for sale on the site (Wicked Stones) but it has to go through the next stages of polishing first.

Gosh the pieces are just amazing though.. I hope that my favorite takes the polishing well - the stone looks like a woman standing with a shawl around her shoulders.. maybe I'll just sneak that one away before the next polish and post a photo of it later in the week.

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