Monday, February 12, 2007

Winnie Wednesday is Back!!! Adventures in Sault St. Marie Algoma

Winnie Wednesday is back!!!

Okay I AM a few days early but I know the rest of this week is going to be kind of crazy... without further wait? Let's begin our Winnie Wednesday Adventure!!!

(for those of you "new to tune in?" Winnie Wednesday is a day that I share photos taken of a Winnie the Pooh bear that I've had for about 40 years now. He comes with us when we travel and go on adventures.. you may even get lucky and see him at one of our shows as he's always making cameo appearances.

So this week starts Winnie off on his ADVENTURES in ALGOMA!! We took Winnie with us last summer on a 2 day trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior or the elusive Agate hunt! We got POURED on!! Blown all over!! And sunburnt but enjoyed every minute. Follow us along the next dozen or so Wednesdays as I share our adventures!!!

Oh yes.. that's Winnie taking over driving our mini van when I popped out to grab a newspaper (in the first picture)..

... he's too short to steer and push the peddles you know.. You can see him in this picture sitting between Rob and I in the front seat after we pried his little furry hands off the steering wheel....

Stay tuned next week for "more adventures with Winnie in Algoma!"

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