Friday, February 02, 2007

New Year - New Start

Gosh where has the time gone?

Far too much time has slipped past since I've last posted to our Blog. Now that we are on dial up internet service I have found that I spend a lot less time on line doing the things I used to.

Things around the Wicked Shop have certainly been moving along like crazy this past fall and early of this year. We've got super plans in the mix right now for new products and new ideas that we've been brewing up all fall. The entire site ( Wicked Stones ) is in the process of an overhaul to change things to a more Metaphysical spin. You wont see any changes for a little while as most work is being done in the background - along with dealing with an old camera that getting tired and refuses to do what it's supposed to do!! I might be looking for a new camera pretty soon as I'm getting pretty tired of re-doing the same pictures over and over again!

So what's one of our new ideas? That picture (to the left) is something that Rob and I have decided to work with. We're in the process of locating enough Sterling Silver cutlery to create some really cool re-cycled Art. Some of the pieces will be decorated with gemstones and Sterling Silver wire work.. it's REALLY exciting around here with all the hammering and bending (we've been going through a LOT of tools!). I'm just going to put in this one picture as I dont want to spoil the surprise of the new items on the horizon. So far the ones we've been test wearing have been a huge hit. Okay so it looks a bit scary with Rob his bracelet WHILE he is wearing it! We promice that you dont have to have the jewelry fitted QUITE like that!!

Our metaphysical section of our site (located here) has been in desperate need for a re-do for ages!! I've been so wrapped up in other things that I've put this part of the site on hold for far longer than I meant to. So I apologize for all the great folks that have come to visit and found that part of the site lacking. The new pages are slowely being uploaded over the next few weeks and the launch will be announced on our main page when it's ready.

We're getting ready for one of the largest spring shows that we take part in - and coming up with some really pretty new Celtic designs! I can't wait to post them to our pages so you can see what we've dreampt up! I dont know if she'll ever read this Blog, but I have to thank Jamie for inspiring one of our new product lines!! She's one of my returning customers who's simply a joy to work with and with her requests we've created a new Celtic line that is a mix of really stunning Celtic beads and Gemstones. Thanks Jamie!! We're also waiting for a huge order of Celtic Pewter to arrive to our shop so we can start working with them.

So if you are located in Sudbury Ontario or coming to town on the 10th of March 2007? Feel free to come to the Navy League Hall located at 19 Regent Street South in Sudbury - We'll be taking part in the Annual Celtic Fair and they will be open until 12 to 5 that Saturday. If you would like more info about the fair? Feel free to call 705 855-3564 and ask away. Every year the show is a blast!
Here's a picture of our show from last year! So you can see that we'll be prety easy to spot when you pop in.
Well that's it for now.. I've got to get back to working on those metaphysical pages!! Welcome back everyone!!

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